Universe Now 2013

Results of the 2013 course exam can be viewed here: 6.5.2013 and 15.5.2013.

The course "Universe Now" gives an introduction to the universe as we currently know it. During the course, a general overview of astronomical objects and phenomena is presented. There are no prerequisites for the course, and students from all academic disciplines are welcome!

Registration: Through WebOodi starting 1.1.2013 until the end of the course. Every student should register before the course ends. Information is needed for grade registration and important course announcements.

Completion: By exam.

Lecturer: Hannakaisa Lindqvist, MSc (hannakaisa.lindqvist@helsinki.fi)


11.3. Introduction; astronomy as a science PDF
14.3. Astronomical observations PDF
18.3. Solar System I: Terrestrial planets PDF
21.3. Solar System II: Jovian planets PDF
8.4. Solar System III: Small Solar-System bodies PDF animations
11.4. Formation of the Solar System; extrasolar planets PDF animation
15.4. Classification, birth, and evolution of stars PDF
18.4. Different types of stars; the Sun PDF
22.4. Interstellar matter and star clusters PDF
25.4. Galaxies PDF
29.4. Cosmology; evolution of the Universe PDF
2.5. Revision PDF