530060 Simulations of Formation of Molecular Clusters (5 cr)

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Points and grades

In this course, you will learn to simulate the first steps of particle formation. The course is mainly targeted for MSc and PhD students in atmospheric sciences/aerosol physics, and is useful both for experimentalists and modelers. (Other physics students are also welcome, you don't necessarily need any previous knowledge on aerosols.)

The approach for modeling cluster formation in this course is to deal with cluster concentrations at different sizes (=cluster distributions) and to use average collision and evaporation rates. This simplified strategy (compared to following individual molecules and clusters) has the advantage that it deals with a macroscopic amount of gas and particles, corresponding for instance to laboratory experiments.


Why to take this course




The grade will be determined based on exercises (30%) and a small research project (70%). In addition, everyone gives a short presentation on their project results (only graded as pass/fail).


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