530060 Simulations of Formation of Molecular Clusters (5 cr)

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First lecture
Lecture Sep 17 Lecture Sep 30

Exercise set 1
Exercise set 2 Correction: in question 2, RT should be kT
Exercise set 3 (Updated version 29 Sep at 3 pm) Correction: in ex.2, the width of the size bins should be 0.02 instead of 0.2, but if you have already finished the exercise, no nead to redo it with different size bins.

ACDC Manual Updated manual (Oct 1)
This is a slightly preliminary version of the manual, and more details will be added during the course. If some part is especially unclear, you can send an email to oona.kupiainen(at)helsinki.fi and I will try to write a better explanation. Below is a list of unclear things that have come up so far: