530060 Simulations of Formation of Molecular Clusters (5 cr)

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Wed 9 Sep: Introduction, starting the first exercise set
Thu 10 Sep: Working on the exercises, discussing unclear things in the ACDC Manual

Wed 16 Sep: Going through the solutions of the first exercise set, introduction to formation rates and fluxes
Thu 17 Sep: Introduction to energy barriers and critical clusters, working on exercise set 2

Wed 23 Sep: No lecture
Thu 24 Sep: Going through the solutions of the second exercise set

Wed 30 Sep: Introduction to processes involving ions, introduction to growth rates, working on exercise set 3 (Note: updated version Sep 29 at 3 pm) / projects
Thu 1 Oct: Working on exercise set 3 / projects

Wed 7 Oct: Going through the solutions of exercise set 3, presentations
Thu 8 Oct: Presentations

Wed 14 Oct: No lecture
Thu 15 Oct: No lecture

If you have any trouble with your project, ask for help by email.

Sun 1 Nov: Deadline for the report