530245 Computational Nanoscience

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10 ECTS credit points.


The course will cover various topics on atomic level computational modeling of nanosystems, ranging from mechanical properties to transport phenomena. Lectures will be given by researchers from the Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki.

Weekly exercises are small computational tasks related to the lecturers' research fields.

During the course students will learn to use the molecular dynamics code LAMMPS in the exercises and the final project.

Duration: Periods I and II of fall 2015.

How to pass: The course includes lectures, exercises, and a final project.

The course is part of the MoMoNano master's program.

Requisite background information: Knowledge in molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation methods. (Suitable courses are Molecular dynamics simulations and Monte Carlo simulations.) Basics of condensed matter and statistical physics. Programming skills in either C or Fortran. No programming will be taught in the course.

Registering: Through WebOodi. (Search for "laskennallinen nanotiede".)

Course coordinator: University lecturer Antti Kuronen (email: Antti.Kuronenat-signhelsinki.fi)

Lectures: Fri 12-14 (period I), Thu 12-14 (period II), room D117 (Physicum)
Exercises: Fri 14-16 (period I), Thu 14-16 (period II), room D117 (Physicum)
First lecture: Fri 4.9.2014 at 12:15
First exercise session: Fri 18.9. 14-16

Lecture titles, and lecturers can be found on the course Moodle page.

The course will be given in English.

Literature: lecture notes.

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