Molecular Dynamics Simulations 2015
53363 Molekyylidynaamiset simulaatiot

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The course is about Molecular Dynamics Simulations, a widely used computational tool in physics / chemistry / bioscience. During the course we will discuss the theoretical basis and algorithms for MD, learn analysis methods and visualization, and apply this knowledge to solve atomic scale problems in physics and related fields of science.
Lecturing time, Autumn 2015: Wednesday 10-12. First lecture on Wednesday 2.9.
Exercise time, Autumn 2015: Friday 10-12. First exercise session on Friday 11.9.
Lectures are given in Physicum, room D104
Exercise sessions are in Physicum, room D210
Lecturers: Dr. Johannes Niskanen , Dr. Olli Pakarinen
Assistant: Roope Halonen
Extent of course: 10 credits
Duration: 12 weeks
Prerequisites: Basics of classical mechanics, thermodynamics, basic programming experience
(file read/write, calculus)
Language: English / Finnish as needed
Hands-on exercises and Final exam

Department of Physics
University of Helsinki

Updated 3.7.2015
Olli H Pakarinen