Experimental or general purpose

K. S. Krane: Introductory nuclear physics (John Wiley)
Largely experimental approach, relatively extensive (>800 pages).

W. N. Cottingham and D. A. Greenwood: An introduction to nuclear physics (Cambridge)
Slim and compact (<300 pages). Approach starts somewhat from a “particle physics direction”,
nice treatment of neutrinos. In my opinion (JN) a fine book for its price.

J. Tilley: Nuclear physics, Principles and applications (John Wiley)
Application oriented with biological effects, industrial and medicinal applications
and power production.

H. Enge: Introduction to nuclear physics (Addison-Wesley)
Old but good.

Theoretically oriented

J. Eisenberg and W. Greiner: Nuclear theory I – III (North Holland, Elsevier)
Serious series for professional nuclear theorists, shortage in reactions.

Preston and Bhaduri: Nuclear physics (Academic press)
Also somewhat theoretical minded, but not as massive as the previous series.
Fills its gap in phenomenology of reactions.

A. de Shalit and Feshbach: Nuclear structure
Another brick of a book, structure formalism weighted in the shell model
and its spherical tensor formalism.