53399 Tieteellinen laskenta II / Scientific Computing II

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5 ECTS credit points.


This is a course on programming using the Fortran language.


5 opintopistettä.


Tämä on Fortran-ohjelmointikurssi.

Lecturer: University lecturer Antti Kuronen (email: Antti.Kuronenat-signhelsinki.fi)

Lectures: Tue 16-18, room E204 (Physicum),
First lecture: Tue 1.9.2015 at 16:15

Exercises: To be announced
First exercise session: On week 7.-11.9.2015
Exercise assistants: To be announced.

The course will be given in English if necessary.

Literature: Lecture notes.

Registering: Through WebOodi.

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