Field Course in Micrometeorology and Hydrology

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
29 Aug - 2 Sep, 2011

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Course contents

Hands-on training in field measurements of micrometeorology and hydrology. Exchange between atmosphere and biosphere. Data analysis.

Group subjects

  1. Rain (Responsible teacher: Janne)

  2. Eddy covariance fluxes (Responsible teacher: Risto)

  3. Evaporation from a lake, forest and wetland (Responsible teacher: Sami)

  4. Atmospheric profiles in the first 100 meters (Responsible teacher: Risto)

  5. Thermodynamics of Finnish sauna (Responsible teacher: Sami)
Guidelines for final course reports

Course details

Important dates

Timetable of the course


Sami Haapanala
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Janne Korhonen (ät)
Risto Taipale
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12.12.2011 (SH)