The examination will take place on 9 March. You are allowed to have a cheatsheet of A4-sized paper with whatever information you want written by hand on both sides. The exam will include mostly qualitative questions but basic calculation problems are also possible.

9 March at 10-14 in D115


The last lecture (2 Match) will host presentation talks given by the students. The talk should take around 10-15 minutes with 2-5 minutes of question time afterwards. The students are encouraged to use examples of observations and videos where it's appropriate.

2 March at 12-14 in D106

The seminar topics are the following:

The topics are distributed on "first came first served" basis. The number of topics is larger than the number of registered students, so everybody will have some choice. Send the topic of your choice (or better - 3 topics in order of preference) to the lecturer.


Period III: 17.01.2017 — 02.03.2017, 5 credit points
Lecturer: Alexey Isavnin, D326

Tuesdays (D116) and Thursdays (D106) at 12-14

Literature: Stix, M. The Sun - An Introduction. 1st ed. Springer, 1989; 2nd ed. Springer 2002


27.01.2017 — 03.03.2017, up to 3 points per problem
Assistant: Erika Palmerio, D315

Wednesdays (D116) at 14-16