Description The course is suitable for undergraduate students in theoretical physics or graduate students in materials physics.

Suggested previous courses:
Quantum mechanics I-II and introductory course in solid state physics for the physics students.

Aim of the course:
Introduce the basics of condensed matter theory. These include e.g.
- Symmetry and group theory in solid state and condensed matter theory
- Quantum mechanical approach to lattice vibrations and electronic structure.
- Excited states and screening.

In this course we use quantum mechanics to describe the dynamics of electrons and ions in solids. The role of symmetry in this description is emphasized. We will also cover some examples of the corrections from many-particle theory to the single-particle results. We use tools of many-particle theory to describe some of the properties.

Lecture notes

Additional literature:
"Solid state physics", N. W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin
"Theoretical solid state physics, part 1.", William Jones and Norman H. March
"Principles of the theory of solids", J. M. Ziman
"Introduction to solid-state theory", O. Madelung